Let Us Have a Closer Look at the Amateur Football Team DB Ayso

By 05 August 2020

DB Ayso is an amateur football team from Bollington in Chesire. At the time of writing, they were playing in the Amateur Football Combination League, which is the biggest amateur football league in the whole of Europe. There are 31 divisions, with 4 of those being senior divisions, and DB Ayso compete in one of those senior divisions. They are the only football team in England, amateur or professional, to have a fully purple kit. They used this kit once as a bit of a joke and they have been wearing it ever since. Every team has a nickname and DB Ayso are known as “The Teletubbies” due to their full purple kit. If you want to find out more about this amateur football club, please do read on.


A look at the Club's History

This amateur club was first founded back in 1973. Bollington is a small village in Chesire, that not many people have heard of unless they have visited. As a side note, if you are ever in Chesire and you have some time to spare, we recommend that you pay a visit to this charming little village. Before 1973, Bollington only had a cricket club, but there were many inhabitants who preferred to play football instead.

In 1971, one of the local farmers had a muddy field that he did not use, so he told the village council that they could transform the land into a football pitch and add a clubhouse, changing rooms, and some stands. The council declared that they did not have to money for such a project, so the villages decided to do a fundraiser and chipped in with their own donations to ensure that this project could go ahead.

The building work commenced in the summer of 1972 and was completed in the summer the following year. They had a lot of interest from locals who wanted to play and they had to hold trials for a month to form squads for three different age groups (u12s, U18s, and Seniors). They also have a women’s U18s team and a women’s senior team. In 1974 they applied to enter the Amateur Football Combination League, but they were told that there was no space available for them and that they would have to wait until a team dropped out, which is something that supposedly happened quite often. However, DB Ayso must have thought that was a complete lie because they had to wait until 1977 for a team to drop out.

Their first season in the Amateur Football Combination League was in 1978 and they did pretty well in their inaugural season - they finished 8th out of 30 teams (winning 17 games, drawing 5, and losing 8). They have been playing in the same league ever since 1978, but they are yet to win it. The best that they have finished is 3rd, and that was back in 1991. However, despite the fact that they have yet to lift the trophy, it is safe to say that they are constantly punching above their weight considering the fact that they are one of the smallest clubs in the league.


Club Records

Below you can find some very interesting records for DB Ayso provided to us by the kind folks at www.footballstatmanager.com:

  • The biggest victory was an 8-0 victory over Castle Combe back in 1981
  • The biggest defeat was an 11-2 lost to Rye in 2000
  • Their longest winning streak is 8 games which is a feat that they achieved during the 2008-09 season
  • Their biggest losing streak is also 8 games which is a run they went on during the 2003-04 season
  • Peter Williams holds the record for the most club appearances (570)
  • Tom Smith holds the record for the most goals scored for the club (200 goals in 350 appearances)